EA82 rear discs

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EA82 rear discs

Post by dfoyl » Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:14 pm

I am looking for expressions of interest in EA82 rear disc setup(s). I have been rebuilding a few sets imported from the US.

Indicative selling price will be $500 (note this does not include rotors, which would need to be sourced locally through eBay, SCA, etc), based on my costs :

$150 US - parts
$125 US - shipping of above from US to AUS
$25 US - parts (seals, etc)
$40 - plating
$20 - bead-blasting materials
$20 - primer, paint
$40 - incidentals (eg. fuel, valve caps, packaging, etc)

Each set has been :

Hubs : De-studded, wire-wheeled, masked, primed and three coats of high temperature black enamel paint on both sides. Studs were re-threaded or replaced, chemically treated, wire-wheeled, freshly zinc plated, and pressed (using a hydraulic press) back into place.

Backing plates : Straightened (they are always bent), wire-wheeled & bead blasted as necessary, primed and three coats of high temperature black enamel paint on both sides.

Flexible brake lines : De-greased, wire-wheeled on ends, chemically treated and zinc plated.

Calipers : Pulled down, wire wheeled and bead blasted, zinc plated. Pistons hand-polished and inside of pistons wire-wheeled and painted (zinc plating will not travel down into cavities so painting is the best option). Sliding pins and attaching bolts (one hex head, one allen-key head per caliper) also wire-wheeled (ends only), chemically treated, zinc plated. Bleed valve same as sliding pins. Calipers then re-assembled with new seals (piston seal, piston boot, sliding pin boots, valve bleeder caps) and new stainless shims. All bolts have anti-seize applied.

I can include pads (used) if you want.

Options (costs dependant on options selected) : Zinc backing plates, zinc backing plates painted (standard is just painted, not plated then painted), calipers painted (your choice of colours).

PM if interested. Delivery will vary from immediate to 4 weeks. I will have 4 sets available (it has taken me almost a year of searching to put them together).

If you want to post to say you can (or did) buy EA82 rear discs for $50 from a wrecker in 1992, don't bother. I know what they're worth - the few sets that are available through dedicated Subaru wreckers have asking prices of $500-600, and have 30+ years of rust on them with split boots and need the same amount of work as I have invested in these.
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Contact me for reproduction XT6 hubs...and EA82 rear discs.

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